1/2 Hour Treadmill Workout for Your Dog!

Dog on TreadmillSometimes it's hard to get out and exercise your dog as much as you'd like, because of weather, your own health, or because you are tired after a long day at work.  Of course, Doggie Day Care and Pet Sitting are good options, but if your dog doesn't play well with others or you don't have the means for pet sitting, the Treadmill is an excellent way to keep your dog healthy and happy.

Before you begin a treadmill workout with your dog, make sure you check with your veterinarian to be certain your dog is healthy enough to do vigorous exercise.  Once your vet says it is safe for your dog to work out on a treadmill you can begin an exercise routine.  How long your dog is on the treadmill, how many days a week and how fast is all determined by your dog's breed, age, weight, size and energy level. 

Dog on TreadmillAlways stay with your dog and supervise them on the treadmill!  I recommend building sides and a front and hooking them up with a harness for safety.

First, get your dog used to the treadmill, don't try to just put them on there and turn it on!  You can use treats, toys and encouragement to familiarize them with it.  I recommend turning it on sometimes when the dog is just in the room, so they can get used to hearing it.  Once your dog is comfortable with the treadmill, start out with a slow walk the first several sessions and work up to a trot or light jog.  Dogs who are overweight should stay at a walk until they get to a safe weight.  For larger dogs, 7 years old is considered a senior, so they may not be able to got as fast as when they were young.  Keep older dogs at a slower even walking pace.

Dog on TreadmillAlways give your dog a warm up and cool down - begin with a walk, trot or jog in the middle and end with a walk.

We offer treadmill rental if you cannot purchase your own.  We can also set up an appointment with you to help you get your dog acclimated to the treadmill if you need help.  Most importantly - have fun!

Dog on Treadmill1/2 hour Treadmill Rental at Our Facility = $8