Training Methods

We are experienced canine behaviorists working with all breeds including rare breeds. We specialize in Obedience (on and off leash), therapy dogs, agility, problem solving, competition, and police dogs. We also work with several rescue groups to retrain and rehabilitate abused and/or misunderstood dogs with great success!

Dogs live by a very strict leadership and hierarchy. They establish this chain of command and enforce it any chance they get. When you bring a dog into your home, you are bringing an animal with its own ways of life into a human world. Without even knowing it, humans communicate to dogs through body language. Our specialized training teaches you how to "speak" their language and teach the dog how to understand humans in a positive way.

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We believe that if a dog likes doing something, he/she will do it again!

NO ABUSE!! There should NEVER be a need to hit, harm, or abuse your dog in any way! If you are having problems with your dog, it is because you are not successfully communicating to him/her what you want. Our training teaches you how to effectively communicate with your dog in his/her language and use a mixture of correction, redirection, positive reinforcement, praise, and rewards.

We at Teacher’s Pet believe different things work for different dogs and owners. We will evaluate the DOG’S temperament, breed, age, environment, etc. to determine the best collar, leash, and method for your DOG. We will also evaluate YOUR temperament, age, family life, and schedule to determine the best method of training for YOU.

We use all different types of collars, harnesses, head collars, and leashes along with treats and praise to train you and your dog. ANY collar can be harmful to your dog if used incorrectly. A “pinch” or “prong” collar is a perfectly safe and effective training tool when used PROPERLY. A pinch collar should ONLY be used after the recommendation of a QUALIFIED and EXPERIENCED trainer/behaviorist. Click here for more details on the proper use of a pinch collar.

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