Doggie Day Care

Sycamore's & DeKalb County's First Doggie Day Care!

Each dog receives personal and special attention from familiar, responsible handlers. We pride ourselves on being your dog's best friend!


Don't leave your best friend with just anyone!

Trust the experts at Teacher's Pet K-9 School on Plank Road in Sycamore.

Doggie Day Care at Teacher's Pet provides your dog with an outlet for his/her excess energy, stress, and pent-up adrenaline.

Day Care at Teacher's Pet allows your dog to socialize with other canine companions in a controlled and safe environment.

Play is always supervised by Experienced Professionals in canine behavior!

We have acres of fenced, OUTDOOR land where your dog can run, romp, and play all day long. We also have a spacious INDOOR play area as well which is warm in winter and Cool in Summer.

Movie Time

Photo of Dog watching TV

We offer Doggie Day Care hours from 7am - 6pm Mon, Tues, Thurs and Fri.

We are experienced with different breeds and temperaments, and will allow your dog to socialize and play with dogs best suited for his/her personality.


Per Dog:
Full Day $24
Half Day (up to 5 hours) $16
(Prices subject to change at any time)

Pick Up Service from your home for $5 for Sycamore .

Drop Off Service to your home for $5 for Sycamore.

NOTE: If your dog has been to another day care or shelter facility, this may result in a waiting period before participating in day care or boarding with us.  As always, all dogs must be healthy, up-to-date on all required vaccinations and have a negative stool sample within the last year.  Thank you for your understanding.