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  • Why should I bring my dog to you for training?
    Well, to start I have over 25 years experience training dogs and their owners and I have thousands of satisfied customers. Check out my experience on the About Us page. Any trainer you use should provide credentials and you should see results after one or two lessons. Not all trainers have experience and/or experience with all breeds or training techniques. Don't be discouraged by unskilled or inexperienced trainers. Be sure to pick a trainer who not only claims to have experience but one that can back it up with actual knowledge and results.
  • Photo of Cat and DogDo you train cats?
    Although we have trained cats in the past, we focus our attention to training dogs. If your cats and dogs have problems with each other, we are happy to show you how to work with them to improve the household living together more peacefully.
  • Will you train my spouse?
    We cannot train spouses for anything other than how to train their dog.
  • Will you train my kids?
    Unfortunately for some, we do not train kids how to behave, we just teach them how to grow up to be repsonsible pet owners.
  • Do you breed dogs?
    No. We work with many rescue groups to try and re-train and find homes for dogs given up to rescues and shelters. Some are abandoned, abused, misunderstood or just lost by their owners. We'd much rather see these animals recover and find the loving homes they deserve.
  • What is the most common mistake you see dog owners make?
    I would have to say it's people asking their dog to do something and then not making sure they do it. This teaches the dog that they don't have to do it, or that they don't have to listen every time. Twenty years ago there used to be a saying in training that I still believe today - "Patience, Persistence and Praise."