Love LoOoVe LOVE Kim and Teachers Pet for all that they are and do!! Kim is the kindest most knowledgeable dog person I've ever met. I've taken my dogs there for training, grooming, day care and boarding and would highly recommend it to any and everyone. The care and attention they receive are top notch. I want only the best for my dogs and the best is Teachers Pet!!

Julie B., Hanover Park

We have been going to Kim's classes for over 6 years. We also board all our dogs with her. Why? Several reasons. 1. Her knowledge of how to train and she explains why it works. 2. Her many years of working with various breeds but especially the so called"bully" breeds. We have 3 pits and her advice and training tips have been invaluable to our dogs good behavior. As well as helping us become good owners. 3. Her enthusiasm for the work she does. 4. She gets to know both owner and dogs. She can offer insights that you might not have thought about. One of my pits shuts down if you put pinch collar on while training. She pointed out I could get better results with regular collar and lots of happy sounds. She is the only one we trust with our animals when we have to board them. We know they are safe and happy. We have no worries and can enjoy ourselves. As long as we live in the area.Teacher's Pet it's where you will find us and our dogs.

Linda C. Elgin

I’ve used every service offered at Teacher’s Pet, (daycare, boarding, obedience, agility, grooming, and board & train), and I have never been disappointed. I love my dog, (Sonjay), and only want the best for her. Kim is the best. I would never trust anyone with Sonjay the way I trust Kim. When I have to board Sonjay, I know she’s being cared for, but I also know she’s being loved. That kind of peace of mind for me is priceless. I miss my dog when I’m gone, but I never have to worry about her. Plus, I know she’s having fun. Sonjay goes to doggie day care every day. Kim takes pics of the dogs and posts them regularly. Sonjay is always running, playing, smiling, and happy. Kim’s work is her life, that is evident. Sonjay and I are lucky to have her and Teacher’s Pet in our life !

Lesly W.

Kim – Thank you for taking such great care of Wrigley when she comes to day care and boarding. We truly appreciate it! We are so lucky to have such a wonderful place to bring our precious pet!

Rob & Nicole, Sycamore

Kim, Thank you very much for coming to my home and helping me with Trooper. You saw his reaction to the German Shepherd – he went from a well behaved little terrier to a complete maniac in a split second with no provocation. 

I recognized it as a huge problem when I adopted him but didn’t know what to do to correct it. I couldn’t believe you had Trooper calmly walking past the same German Shepherd within minutes! Way to go! 

I like your methods of dealing with him (and me) and I now have confidence that we’ll be able to work through this. I have renewed enthusiasm and I’m looking forward to reporting great progress at next week’s lesson.Michelle, thank you for putting us together with the right trainer! I felt the other trainer I worked with was too harsh. Kim’s gentle but firm method is much more to my liking and it’s obviously effective. 

Thanks again Kim! It was awesome and I can hardly wait until next week!

Randy, Elgin

Kim, owner of Teacher’s Pet K-9 School, is the best trainer! I highly recommend her board and train program, obedience training classes, doggy daycare, and boarding while you’re on vacation. I know that our chocolate lab is in excellent hands with her. He absolutely loves her! She is truly an expert in her field. I can’t say enough about how well-trained he came back to us after the two week board and train. I have learned a great deal from her in basic obedience and look forward to continuing with intermediate and advanced training classes. If you want a well behaved dog that you, your family, friends, and neighbors will enjoy Teacher’s Pet K-9 school is where you want to go.

Kim S.

Kim puts 150% into each of the services she provides. Our dogs have taken advantage of daycare, boarding, obedience, agility, and nail trims. They start whining with excitement once we turn down her road because they know where we are headed. They look forward to seeing her and all their friends. We know our dogs are in good hands with Kim and we wouldn’t trust anyone else with our fur babies. It’s always fun to hear stories and see pictures of what our dogs have been up to during daycare/boarding. She has a passion for what she does and it shows with everything she does. Thanks Kim for giving us peace of mind when our dogs are in your care!!

Morgan Z.

We started our Boxer puppies with Kim’s help 13 years ago... and then again 11 years ago. BEST DOGS we have ever had the privilege of parenting! Sadly, we lost one in 2017 and the other in 2018. Boxer lifespan is too short . Brought home our Lacie in May. Although, we’ve been through this 2x... I wouldn’t raise another without her assistance! Thank You Kim for starting Round III with us

Ken R., Sycamore

Kim – Thank you so much for providing a wonderful place for us to bring our beloved dog. She LOVES coming to day care and boarding and we feel extremely happy and secure knowing our dog is receiving the best care. Thanks for all you do!

Nicole, Sycamore

After being in dog classes for the last 10 years or so with a couple different dogs I've bounced from place to place trying to find a trainer that would fit me. When I got my new Shepherd and moved back to the area I took a long time looking at trainers all around the area and finally stumbled across Kim's website and so happy that I did (and so is my breeder friend)! She took me and my pup from basic agility to advanced in a matter of months and I can honestly say I've never been more pleased with the results of a training class =) thanks again!

Kayla S.

Kim is excellent and very good at what she does. I just had my dog stay there and I'm so glad that it was her taking care of him. He's a cattle dog so he's a little bit of an emotional wreck when no family is around. Greatly appreciated that she took great care of him. I would recommend K9 school to anybody for classes / boarding or daycare.

Jack Z

My dog Malibu and I LOVE going to agility class here. Kim is a great trainer and makes the work fun. I have also boarded Malibu here before and she is always happy when we pull up. 10/10!

Natalie S.

Your web presence and email response to our inquiry left us with a very positive impression of your services before any on-site time, and this was very important to us as potential clients with significant dog day care needs. We’ve been coming to day care and boarding for over a year now and my dog knows when we are getting close to your place and nearly drags me into the building! Thanks Kim!

Lisa, DeKalb

Kim – Thank you for caring about all of your students. You are so knowledgeable and we are blessed to have you as a teacher! Thank you!

Amy & Tobiasz

Kim – I often tell people how you saved Sadie’s life. The rescue most certainly would have put her down if you didn’t help re-train her. Without you she wouldn’t have made it to us. Thank you!

Jed & Karen, Winfield

Hi Kim – Thanks for spending all of that time with us last night. It was a great lesson with all of that good advice. My husband’s first words when we left were “Now that is a pro!”

Patty, Hampshire

 Kim is an excellent trainer! Our beloved dog was a great dog in part because of her training him and us! He loved going there for daycare and was the only place he wasn't anxious about being boarded. If we get another dog, we for sure will bring him to Kim!

Susan S.

Kim trained my dog in private lessons with me through off-leash obedience and I have been doing her agility classes for over a year as well. She has extensive knowledge of dog behavior and explains things in a way the owners can understand. She has taught us so much while making our classes fun for us and our dog. We’ve tried other trainers and none had the experience Kim has. We are very grateful to her for all of her help.

Barb, DeKalb

Molly has been doing very well in her new forever home. The more time I spent around Molly (Rottweiler), the more I come to realize what an amazing job Kim did with her. Kim definitely saved this dogs life!!!!!!!!!! I would like to personally thank you for believing in Molly and giving her the chance to have the life she so desperately deserves. A very special thank you to Kim Bobka, whose experience and efforts transformed Molly into the dog she is today and enabled her to be adopted. Molly is living proof that structure does make a difference.

Paul,  Dog Rescue

I have an over sensitive 5 year old Golden Retriever named Lacey and Kim has been simply amazing with her from day one. I joke that Kim is her favorite human... but I truly think she is!!! The doggy daycare, the boarding, the puppy training and the grooming have all been over the top perfect! Would not take her anywhere else!

Shiela J.

We would like to thank you for the time and talent you offered us to help make Sparky a “civilized” member of our family. Thank you for sharing your knowledge!

Mike & Patty S., Burlington 

Took is such a good dog after your training. He walks at my side, comes when he’s called and looks to me for permission. At parks and the Forest Preserve I get many compliments. Thanks for a job well done! (I never would have believed it a year ago!) We will be using your day care and boarding too. Thanks again!

Marty, East Dundee

I had to take my Boxer mix Baron to the vet this past weekend and this is a quote from the vet…"You've done a great job training and socializing him. On behalf of veterinary professionals everywhere - thank you!" My thanks to Kim at Teacher's Pet for her expertise training/boarding school, and ongoing care when Baron goes to Daycare! This is time/money well-spent!

Susan, Sycamore

My little Harper goes to doggy daycare at Teachers Pet and we are taking obedience training there also. Kim is amazing! She is so attentive to all the dogs and her training methods are top notch. I am so thankful for her everyday!

Aaron, Sycamore

My pup Bella absolutely loves coming to Teachers Pet! Kim is awesome with Bella and so helpful teaching me how to handle her...I want Bella to be the best she can be and with Kim I think that is exactly what is happening! Thank you Kim!

Mary, Sycamore

We have gone to Teacher’S Pet for years (multiple dogs). We have taking basic and advanced obedience, daycare, boarding and grooming. Kim is wonderful with our dogs and is a great trainer of humans. If you want your dog trained without stress this is your place. We never worry if our dogs are one when they are at the facility.

Colleen S

Thanks so much for all you do! Maxwell loves coming to Teacher’s Pet! We are glad to be a part of the Teacher’s Pet family!

Denise & Larry, DeKalb

Kim, we truly appreciate all your time, care and patience with Wrigley (and us?) !

Tammi & Mike

Hi Kim, just wanted to thank you for taking such good care of Jax. He had a great time! I also wanted to thank you for the Easter gift, he loved it. That was so thoughtful of you. We will be boarding with you again soon. ?

Jane, Sycamore

Hi Kim, We are enjoying our move to sunny Kentucky and the girls have adjusted well. If it isn’t too much trouble, we will be traveling pretty frequently back to Illinois and Wisconsin and would prefer to drive Sassy and Echo to you for boarding. It will give us an opportunity to see you and they ALWAYS enjoy their time with you. We haven’t found anyone down here to come close to the special care that you always provided for them! Be well and we’ll talk soon.

Dennis & Carol, Elburn, IL and now Hanson, Kentucky

Thanks for spending time with Lucee and Bobbie yesterday, it made a HUGE difference. Ellen was so impressed, she’s talking to Pat about having you train Lucee. I would love that!! She really wants Lucee to be a well behaved dog and liked all your help and experience.

Pam T., Bartlett

Hi Kim, Oh my gosh, Oscar is doing so well. He is coming and sitting and behaving so much better. I can’t believe the things you showed me have done wonders. Thanks so much for making a difference.

Beth, DeKalb

Molly loves coming to Teacher’s Pet. Your facility is ALWAYS so clean and smells so good! Other places we boarded at were filthy and I asked to used the restroom at one place and there were bugs (alive and dead) in there! I’m so glad we found you. Your day care and grooming are also top notch. We are learning so much in your obedience class and would also like to try the private training as well. Thanks for all of the time and care you give us and Molly.

Dori and Ashley, Genoa

My Weimar, Quinn, loves doggie day care at Teacher's Pet K-9 School. She, and we, have been enrolled in their obedience classes. Training her and us is making a big difference. Kim is terrific.

Cheryl, Genoa

I'm so happy Bella has a great place to go and have fun. She was so excited and couldn't wait to get out the door when I asked if she was ready to go to daycare! The look in her eyes said it all she could not wait! to see you!!!

Mary, Sycamore

It looks like they had so much fun!!!!! It was so easy to let them stay with you for 9 days knowing that they get the same attention and love that we provide! Seeing August next to all the other dogs I realize that she isn't as small as I thought. I know Harper was so glad to be back too. Thank you so much again for caring for our herd!

Aaron S., DeKalb

I've taken puppies to basic obedience classes in the past, and have been pleased, but what I really like now is how well Kim knows the dogs in her day care! When we suddenly lost one of our two goldens, I started taking our remaining boy to Kim for daycare last fall. Either she or her husband has had a personal account of our dog's day each time we pick him up. And, I personally think she is a very gifted dog photographer! The pics she posts on FB are amazing, and seem to capture the personalities of the dogs. Teacher's Pet is just down the road from me, and I think it's a great place. We have a new pup who will be starting basic obedience in a week or so. I can't wait!! Thank you, Kim!

Jill B., Sycamore

My family and I love taking our puppy here while we are on vacation ! We used to board our dog at a different place and when we picked our dog up she seemed scared and like she didn't want to be touched, so we decided to Teacher's Pet because my friends mom works there, and for the past two years we have found that the owner, Kim, is amazing with our dog, and when we pick her up she is the same tail-wagging angel as when we dropped her off, and they even have picture proof of how much fun she has !

Sydney M., Hampshire

Awesome! I took "Stella" there for training when she was a pup..she grew up to be a great dog! We are in agility classes now and having a great time! Kim treats the dogs as her own. We love it there!

Tomi H., Hampshire

I wouldn't trust our Daphne with anyone else...I've never seen anyone as skilled or caring with our girl...Kimberly is at the top of our list...Everything at Teachers Pet is immaculate...Thank you so much!!!

Judy F., DeKalb

We have been taking our dogs to Kim at Teachers Pet for the past ten years! We have entrusted our dogs with Kim for training, tricks, agility, grooming, boarding, daycare and trouble shooting. In all of my years of owning and working with dogs I've never met a more sincere, experienced and loving person than Kim Bobka. She treats everyone with respect & is the most knowledgeable person I've met. Also when it comes to taking care of our pets and teaching us to take care of our pets she is the best and I wont go anywhere else. I live 40 minutes away and still refuse to go someplace closer because I know Kim is the best and I only want the best for my dogs and Kim only wants the best for my dogs. She treats the dogs like they are one of her own, like family! We love Kim and we love Teachers Pet and I recommend her 110%!!


We have used Kim's services for years and she makes the whole process of boarding your loved dog go smoothly. Boarding your pet for a weekend is always a worrisome process because you want to ensure your dog is treated well and taken care of while you are away. Kim takes all those worries away and takes pictures of your dog while your away! It is so nice to see how happy they are and it reassures you that you made the right choice. Thanks Kim!


Kim is awesome she worked a miracle on my dog Luna

David S.

I've passed this establishment for years. Now that we have a Shepard puppy, we saw the high ratings given. Miss Kim is great with the dogs. We fully trust her with our pup, wether it be for individual obedience class, group class and/or doggy daycare. Our pup loves going there, playing with other dogs who are up-to-date with their vaccines. I highly recommend Teacher's Pet K-9 to anyone looking for a good place for your pup.

Donna B.

I take both my dogs here and would trust no one else but Teacher's Pet! Kim brings a tremendous wealth of knowledge and has taught me and my dogs so much since I have been coming there. She runs a tight ship, makes sure all the dogs are safe and the appropriate temperament to be a part of the group. I am so glad we found her and grateful for her giving us the peace of mind to be able to leave our furry family members with her when we are gone! We highly recommend her!

Amy C.

Our dog, Baron, has been going to Teacher's Pet since he was a puppy. His training was excellent and he loves daycare! We only trust Kim when it comes to boarding our dog.

Susan S.

The owner really loves working with dogs and treats them all like her own.

Chris F.

The facility is spotless and Kim is a great teacher. after completing intermediate classes and done very well our boby Jaxx is spending 2 weeks with Kim in her boarding school program. 1st week is over and very hard not seeing Jaxx but he is in great care with him and I know she'll treat him like her own. cant wait to have him back. Do good Jaxx see you soon

Pat H.

Kim is wonderful with our dog. She takes care of each and every dog like they are her own. My dog comes home tired and content after a day playing at daycare! We also boarded our pup for 12 days this summer and she would text to give updates and peace that our dog was doing great! Highly recommend Teachers K9! Thanks Kim!

Brandi V.

Cooper cant wait to go there for daycare every Thursday. We just say her name and he is ready to burst out that door! What better testament is there? We like her too!

Mary G.

Teachers pet is the best!! Our dog loves the daycare and has learned a lot in the obedience classes!! Highly recommended!

Brian G.

Great training! Very thorough and good quality time spent with your pup! 

Mary B.