This stylish Scrunchie Design can also be used over any other collar or by itself!

Photo of dog with collar cover

Have fun with different colors and patterns for every season!

Before Collar Cover After Collar Cover

Now owners who need more control over their dogs can use a pinch collar without worrying about criticism from ignorant individuals, while having fun choosing decorative colors and patterns for their dog.  When used PROPERLY, a pinch collar is a safe and effective training tool.

Always check with an experienced training professional BEFORE using a pinch collar!  Not every dog needs one and it should not be used incorrectly.  Don’t just trust a pet store employee to show you how to put a collar on your dog and use it.  Click here to see the PROPER placement and use of the pinch collar.

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Photo of Dog with Solid Color Cover Photo of dog with print collar cover

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Photo of Dog with Holiday Collar Cover