Kim – Thank you for taking such great care of Wrigley when she comes to day care and boarding.  We truly appreciate it!  We are so lucky to have such a wonderful place to bring our precious pet! 

Sincerely, Rob & Nicole

Kim, Thank you very much for coming to my home and helping me with Trooper.  You saw his reaction to the German Shepherd – he went from a well behaved little terrier to a complete maniac in a split second with no provocation.  I recognized it as a huge problem when I adopted him but didn’t know what to do to correct it.  I couldn’t believe you had Trooper calmly walking past the same German Shepherd within minutes!  Way to go!

I like your methods of dealing with him (and me) and I now have confidence that we’ll be able to work through this.  I have renewed enthusiasm and I’m looking forward to reporting great progress at next week’s lesson.

Michelle, thank you for putting us together with the right trainer!  I felt the other trainer I worked with was too harsh.  Kim’s gentle but firm method is much more to my liking and it’s obviously effective.

Thanks again Kim!  It was awesome and I can hardly wait until next week!

Randy, Elgin

Kim – Thank you so much for providing a wonderful place for us to bring our beloved dog.  She LOVES coming to day care and boarding and we feel extremely happy and secure knowing our dog is receiving the best care.  Thanks for all you do!

Nicole, Sycamore

Your web presence and email response to our inquiry left us with a very positive impression of your services before any on-site time, and this was very important to us as potential clients with significant dog day care needs.  We’ve been coming to day care and boarding for over a year now and my dog knows when we are getting close to your place and nearly drags me into the building!  Thanks Kim!

Lisa, DeKalb

Kim – Thank you for caring about all of your students.  You are so knowledgeable and we are blessed to have you as a teacher!  Thank you!

Amy & Tobiasz

Kim – I often tell people how you saved Sadie’s life.  The rescue most certainly would have put her down if you didn’t help re-train her.  Without you she wouldn’t have made it to us.  Thank you!

Jed & Karen, Winfield

Hi Kim – Thanks for spending all of that time with us last night.  It was a great lesson with all of that good advice.  My husband’s first words when we left were “Now that is a pro!”

Patty, Hampshire

Kim trained my dog in private lessons with me through off-leash obedience and I have been doing her agility classes for over a year as well.  She has extensive knowledge of dog behavior and explains things in a way the owners can understand.  She has taught us so much while making our classes fun for us and our dog.  We’ve tried other trainers and none had the experience Kim has.  We are very grateful to her for all of her help.

Barb, DeKalb

Molly has been doing very well in her new forever home.  The more time I spent around Molly (Rottweiler), the more I come to realize what an amazing job Kim did with her.  Kim definitely saved this dogs life!!!!!!!!!!  I would like to personally thank you for believing in Molly and giving her the chance to have the life she so desperately deserves.  A very special thank you to Kim Bobka, whose experience and efforts transformed Molly into the dog she is today and enabled her to be adopted.  Molly is living proof that structure does make a difference. 

Dog Rescue

We would like to thank you for the time and talent you offered us to help make Sparky a “civilized” member of our family.  Thank you for sharing your knowledge!

Mike & Patty

Took is such a good dog after your training.  He walks at my side, comes when he’s called and looks to me for permission.  At parks and the Forest Preserve I get many compliments.  Thanks for a job well done!  (I never would have believed it a year ago!)  We will be using your day care and boarding too.  Thanks again!

Marty, East Dundee

I had to take my Boxer mix Baron to the vet this past weekend and this is a quote from the vet…"You've done a great job training and socializing him. On behalf of veterinary professionals everywhere - thank you!"   My thanks to Kim at Teacher's Pet for her expertise training/boarding school, and ongoing care when Baron goes to Daycare! This is time/money well-spent!

Susan, Sycamore

My little Harper goes to doggy daycare at Teachers Pet and we are taking obedience training there also. Kim is amazing! She is so attentive to all the dogs and her training methods are top notch. I am so thankful for her everyday!

Aaron, Sycamore

My pup Bella absolutely loves coming to Teachers Pet! Kim is awesome with Bella and so helpful teaching me how to handle her...I want Bella to be the best she can be and with Kim I think that is exactly what is happening! Thank you Kim!

Mary, Sycamore

Thanks so much for all you do!  Maxwell loves coming to Teacher’s Pet!  We are glad to be a part of the Teacher’s Pet family!

Denise & Larry, DeKalb

Kim, we truly appreciate all your time, care and patience with Wrigley (and usJ) !

Tammi & Mike

Hi Kim, just wanted to thank you for taking such good care of Jax.  He had a great time!  I also wanted to thank you for the Easter gift, he loved it.  That was so thoughtful of you.  We will be boarding with you again soon. J

Jane, Sycamore

Hi Kim, We are enjoying our move to sunny Kentucky and the girls have adjusted well.  If it isn’t too much trouble, we will be traveling pretty frequently back to Illinois and Wisconsin and would prefer to drive Sassy and Echo to you for boarding.  It will give us an opportunity to see you and they ALWAYS enjoy their time with you.  We haven’t found anyone down here to come close to the special care that you always provided for them!  Be well and we’ll talk soon.

Dennis & Carol, Elburn IL and now Hanson, Kentucky

 Thanks for spending time with Lucee and Bobbie yesterday, it made a HUGE difference.  Ellen was so impressed, she’s talking to Pat about having you train Lucee.  I would love that!!  She really wants Lucee to be a well behaved dog and liked all your help and experience.

Pam, Bartlett

Hi Kim, Oh my gosh, Oscar is doing so well.  He is coming and sitting and behaving so much better.  I can’t believe the things you showed me have done wonders.  Thanks so much for making a difference.

Beth, DeKalb

Molly loves coming to Teacher’s Pet.  Your facility is ALWAYS so clean and smells so good!  Other places we boarded at were filthy and I asked to used the restroom at one place and there were bugs (alive and dead) in there.  I’m so glad we found you.  Your day care and grooming are also top notch.  We are learning so much in your obedience class and would also like to try the private training as well.  Thanks for all of the time and care you give us and Molly.

Dori and Ashley, Genoa

My Weimar, Quinn, loves doggie day care at Teacher's Pet K-9 School. She, and we, have been enrolled in their obedience classes. Training her and us is making a big difference. Kim is terrific.

Cheryl, Genoa