NEW! Doggie Day Care Web Cam!

Photo of 3 dogs playing

Click here - you will be prompted to enter a username and password so you can watch the live video!

View your dog playing on our Day Care Webcam!  If you dog is in for boarding and/or day care, you can see them playing with their other dog friends in day care.  Once you lick on the link you will be prompted for your password to view the video!  It's that simple! 

You will obtain your confidential password from a Teacher's Pet K-9 School employee when you arrive for Doggie Day Care and/or Boarding.  Then you can watch your dog playing all day while you are at home, at work or on your cell phone!  So don't wait - Sign up today!!  Your dog will thank you for it!"

If you are using Internet Explorer, you will need to download Active X control when prompted, in order to view the live-feed video of Doggie Day Care.

Firefox 3.0 displays the video feed automatically, cross platform. You can download Firefox 3.0 here - its FREE!