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At Teacher’s Pet we board no more than five dogs at a time, therefore it is much less stressful for your dog than being in a huge boarding kennel. You provide the dog’s food for digestive and health reasons, any bones and toys for their stay with us, and any blanket or bedding.

We offer extra playtime for your pet while staying with us. One half hour of playtime is $5 extra and you can request up to two playtimes per day. This gives your dog the chance to stretch his/her legs and release excess energy.

We also offer training while boarding with us at an additional charge. Check out our Boarding School section for details.

Your dog must be up to date on all required vaccinations, including Bordatella Para-Influenza (kennel cough), and be healthy and free of fleas and parasites.

Pricing for regular boarding:

Over 45 lbs $24 per day

Under 45 lbs $18 per day

Extra playtime add $5 per half hour.

Doggie Day Care While Boarding $10 additional per dog, per day you want them in day care while boarding.

*NOTE: We require a $50 deposit (non-refundable) to hold a spot for boarding.


Beginning January 1, 2018, we will

If your dog is coming in for Boarding, you must drop off the dog at the scheduled appointment time. You must confirm your appointment with us (not just leave a message) on the First Day services are to start.

We will STILL PICK UP for Day Care & Grooming, but if your dog is staying longer than a normal day care day, you must drop the dog off at our facility

Thank you for your understanding.

*Emergency situations excluded