We have Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Agility classes. Our classes are held indoors and outdoors and run all year long. Come and join this fun canine sport that is gaining in popularity every day. Sign up today!

Photo of Agility Equipment

Classes fill up fast for this popular activity, so call or email us today!

BASIC agility

You and your dog will learn all of the obstacles, including jumps, tunnels, tire jump, pause table, dog walk, A frame, teeter-totter, chute, and weaves. Once you learn the obstacles, you will begin to do agility courses, all while having fun!

PHoto of dog on teeter

Photo of Max doing agility

photo of teeter totter

Photo of Stella doing a jump

photo of basic dog walk

ADVANCED agility

You and your dog continue to  learn more difficult courses, including crosses and skills necessary for competition.

PHoto of dog on agility course

PHoto of Lightning doing weave poles

PHoto of dog on teeter

Photo of dog doing jump

Photo of dog jump

Photo of Romeo on Teeter

photo of advanced agility

Photo of Tire Jump

Check the Class Schedule for next class dates.